Ruggedised Racks

We are Manufacture, Supplier, Exporter of Ruggedised Racks form Pune, Maharashtra, India, Germany.

Rugggedised Rack with EMI/RFI protection is Purvatech Solutions speciality. Racks are manufactured as per the Customers Requirements, Specifiscations, Drawings.

These Cabinets are subject to Tests as per JSS 55555 and ESS tests as per NAVAL standards.
Many of our reputed customers have got certified for their testing centers.


Electrical, magnetic and electro-magnetic fields are everywhere. Also around enclosures and equipment housings.

Technical Systems can fall a prey to these electromagnetic environment, the devices themselves may produce electromagnetic fields in the course of their normal operation, leading similarly to interference or even damage or destruction in their vicinity.

EMC is attainment of a defined interference immunity (protection against external interference fields) Prevention / reduction of emitted interference (protection for the environment against own interference fields).

Many of the Purvatech Solutions racks, since made of Alluminium Extrusions offer electrical devices significant protection against electromagnetic interference fields.

An electro conductive connection is achieved between the outer surfaces of the enclosure by fitting a special conductive seal. The inner surfaces and the seal edges remain unpainted. Corrosion protection is provided by the aluminium-zinc coating of the base material.

Sinusoidal Vibration Test with frequency sweep :
The cabinet is mounted on its shock mounts.
It is tested for the following vibration levels in all the three mutually perpendicular directions. The frequency is to be swept slowly at the rate of 1 octave per minute from 5 to 33 Hz with a constant displacement amplitude of +/- 0.125 mm. The total duration of the test is 10 hours. One hour endurance test at resonance frequency and if no resonance found one hour at 14, 23 & 33 Hz.


Shock Test :
The cabinet withstands following shock test after mounting on the test bench with shock mounts using 200 kg weight falling vertically from a height of 1.5 meters, two lateral blows with a weight of 200 kg at a radius of 1.5 meters falling through an angle of 60 degrees, two end blows with a weight of 200 kg at a radius of 1.5 meters falling through an angle of 60 degrees.

Drip Proof :
Test is to be carried out in fully assembled cabinet for a period of 15 min a) by keeping in equipment in vertical position, b) by keeping an equipment at an angle of 15 degree to vertical.

Mould Growth :
The sample component is introduced within 15 min of spraying into the chamber where working space is maintained at a temperature of 29 degrees C +/- 1 degree and a relative humidity of not less than 90% the sample is exposed in the chamber of 28 days.

Salt Corrosion Test :
The rack is stored at a temperature of 35 degrees C +/- and relative humidity of 90% for a period of 7 days.

Bump Test :
4000 bumps at 40g, 6 ms, done in packed conditions.

Fire Retardant Painting :
Special painting with fire retardant paints is provided.

* Responsibility of Testing lies with the Customer