Accessories for PT 20 & 30

We are Manufacture, Supplier, Exporter of Accessories for PT 20 & 30 form Pune, Maharashtra, India, Germany.

PCB Guides

PCB Guides :
Made from GFN (Glass Filed Nylon) 30% plastic material. All the pieces are in single lengths and are suitable for 80 mm, 100 mm, 160 mm, 220 mm, and 280 mm deep PCBs.
Special Feature is that it can take 1.6 mm to 2.4 mm thick PCB without any play in card guide. These card guides are specially designed to absorb vibrations.
Also offers Stainless Steel card guides suitable for 1.6 mm to 2.4 mm thick PCBs with vibration absorbers.
PCB guides are easy to fit, simple snap on type with good amount of rigidity and pass through 2g vibration test.

PCB Holders

PCB Holders :
This is also made from GFN 30% plastic material. It connect to PCBs and Facia.

Instrument Legs

Legs :
Instrument Legs:

Made of plastic. These legs are used for PT 20 and PT 30 series racks. Available as 2 flat and 2 with tilts.
Weight Carry Capacity: 5 kgs.

Top / Bottom Cover for Card Racks

Top / Bottom Cover for Card Racks :
Made of 1.2 mm Aluminium Sheet , with/without ventilation slots

Facia Panel

Facia Panel :
Made of 2.5 mm Aluminium. Mostly Anodised. Facia Panel consists of PCB holder for Mounting PCBs. It can be fixed to the cards as well as to the Rack.

Front And Rear Panels

Front And Rear Panels :
Front and rear panels are available for all standard models of card rack. These panels can be of Screw on type or hinged type ( hinged either on sides or at bottom )

Carrying Handles

Carrying Handles :
Are offered in pair, Plastic handles used for Card Rack for carrying the rack from one place to other.

Euro Rail

Euro Rail :
Made of alluminium, used to mount Euro connectors on rear profile of card rack. Max length 84T.

Threaded Strip

Threaded Strip :
These slide into special grooves in the aluminium profile to allow fixing Front panels, Facias and Modules.
These strips can be with M 2.5 and M 3 tapped holes.
Maximum length 84T, Cross Section 2 mm/6 mm. Made of M.S or S.S. 304 duly electropolished.

Connector Mounting Sets :
Used for mounting of various types of Connectors and Back Planes specially for VME racks.