Accessories for Floor standing Racks

We are Manufacture, Supplier, Exporter of Accessories for Floor standing Racks and Floor Standing Rack form Pune, Maharashtra, India, Germany.

Cooling Fans

Cooling Fans :
are used for supporting the thermal management.
Cooling required for the important equipments can be achieved by
fitting fan housing units next to them containing these cooling fans.

Fan Module

Fan Module :
This helps in sending fresh air into the cabinets where there is congestion. It contains a centrifugal impeller fan. It is available in 1U, 2 U and 3U height and 19" width.
It draws air in horizontally through 10 micron filters and expels it upwards into the cabinet.
Also Available in built in Horizontal AC Power Distribution Arrangement

AC Mains Distribution Box : Horizontal

AC Mains Distribution Box : Horizontal
This is used for 19" horizontal mounting to provide the AC Power to various instruments in the Rack.
15 A MCB, Indicator lamp, Six 5A / 3 pin sockets are provided.
15A three sockets and a Spike Suppression model can be provided separately.

AC Mains Distribution Box : Vertical

AC Mains Distribution Box : Vertical
This is placed at the rear of the racks vertically.
These channels having 15A / 5A sockets with Circuit Breakers, with 3 way terminated strip.
Useful for providing power at various heights.
Depending on height upto 10 5A/ 3 pin sockets can be provided.

HARDWARE Captive Mounting Sets (Hardware)

HARDWARE Captive Mounting Sets (Hardware) :
Front panel captive hardware sets are required for fixing 19" rack equipment
directly to the mounting angles in the equipment cabinets.
A set consists of Clip-Nut, Retainer, Cup Washer and M6 Decorative Screw.

Aluminium Blank Panels

Aluminium Blank Panels :
Blank 19" panels are useful for covering unused space at the front of the cabinet.
They are made of 2.5 mm thick aluminium sheets and are anodized / powder coated.
Available in 1U x 19" to 10U x 19" sizes.

Lifting Bolts

Lifting Bolts :
These eye bolts are made of forged steel with load bearing capacity of 350 kgs.
Four eye bolts are required for each cabinet.

Telescopic Slides

Telescopic Slides :
They are basically used to mount the electronic equipments in 19" enclosure systems.
Very essential for applications where equipments need to be drawn outside the main cabinets frequently or even for maintenance.
1) Alluminium Three Section Ball Bearing: Support upto 70 kgs at full extension + Corrosion Resistant
2) Ball Bearing High Quality in Stainless Steel: Capacity : Upto 30 kgs
3) Made of MS : Capacity Upto 20 kgs

Equipment Support Angels

Equipment Support Angels :
Provided to support the equipments either from side or from the bottom depending on the accessories.
Suitable for supporting 19" Rack Mounting Equipment 19" Enclosure

Shelves And Support Plates

Shelves And Support Plates :
These steel shelves are useful in supporting non 19" style equipment in 19" cabinets.
1. Stationery Shelves: To be fixed directly to the Vertical rails
2. Sliding Shelves: Are fitted with ball bearing telescopic slides
Both the types are provided with Ventilation slots to aid the air circulation.


Drawers :
Drawers required for storage can be mounted on 19" enclosure system.
Standard: Front Alluminium of 2.5 mm thick, rest is fabricated with CRCA sheet of 1.2 mm/1.6 mm, Pull out handles.
Mounting on 19" cabinets can be done by means of: Telescopic Slides, Chassis Runners, Support Profiles sets, Support Angles.

Stabiliser :
Retractable Stabilisers are meant for providing stability to cabinets having shallow depths.
They prevent toppling over when heavy equipment mounted on Telescopic Slides are drawn out of the cabinet.

Base Frames :
Base frames are welded steel structures used to provide rigidity. Their height of 60 mm provides additional clearance for introducing cables into the cabinets from below.

Coupling Set :
Coupling Sets are used to join any number of cabinets. A set comprises of a Steel Plate and Fixing Hardware. Height determines the number of sets to be used for a pair of racks.

Earthing Strip ( Contact Washers ) :
These toothed contact washers facilitate secure earthing connection and eliminate the need for manual paint stripping in the vicinity of the connections.

Top/Bottom Covers :
Top bottom covers can be Plain or Ventilated. They can be of Aluminium with Brush white anodized or brush black anodized or of MS with powder coated in different colours.


Legs Nylon Legs

Legs Nylon Legs :
Special Nylon Legs are used to elevate cabinet by around 65 mm to avoid scratches to the bottom of cabinet or floor.
Weight carrying capacity will be appx. 100 kgs.

Castor Wheels

Castor Wheels :
Castors are useful optional item for providing mobility to floor standing cabinets. Normally two castors with foot operated brakes and two without brakes are used.
They are made nylon.
Suitable for PT -10 Series Racks.
Available in medium duty (180 kgs. Max) and heavy duty (350 kgs. Max)


Locks :
Cam Locks : these are Godrej locks made of steel with unique lock and key.
Locks : Made of moulded plastic, these locks open with only one key. This is useful since with only one key all the doors can be opened.
Flush Lock : This is a three point locking system with an exclusive key for a lock. Made of MS, black coated.

Shock Mounts

Shock Mounts :
Rubber moulded product with steel hardware, interfaces between cabinets and platform to absorb vibrations to some extent.
Selection of type is done based on weight of the cabinet and frequency of vibrations.
Available with weight carrying capacity of 10, 25, 40, 60 and 85 kgs.


Gromate :
Rubber moulded with 1.6 mm groove and diameter of 20 mm or 40 mm. Used for the cable entry inside the cabinets fitted on top or bottom of the racks.